What We Are All About:

A show of the stories of the strong women in all our lives who are sources of love, strength, passion, creativity and inspiration. These are presented in the form of original monologues from writers all over the Untied States, written specifically to show the strength of women, both fictional and non-fictional, from every walk of life, from house moms to political powerhouses. 



Who is involved:

Produced By: Larissa Dzegar
Directed By: Samantha Wellen
Stage Manager: Kyle Rostan

Featuring Original Works By:
Sean Engard, Gene Fiskin, Lisa Kirazian, David Schwingle and Royal Shiree

Featuring the Talents of:
Ashley Adelman, Kerri Evans, Larissa Dzegar, Geiselle Fauntleroy, Molly McAdoo, Shubhra Prakash, Portia Lee Rose, Rebecca Smith and Rashida Stewart
How We Got Started:
As many things go, out of adversity something beautiful arose.

Larissa and Samantha, being the absolute feminists they are, were weeks into another all-female show, when they got heart breaking news: the author would not grant the rights for the show to be produced in New York City. So there they were with so many great actresses and a theatre and nothing to do.

After a week of brain storming, collaborating and contacting other creative types, they decided they won't be held back. Respecting the previous author's request they choose not to produce that show. They would rather create their own female-fueled show, and thus, "Leading Ladies" was born. And not only was a show brought forth, but a friendship was also forged.

So together they set the requirements for a show of monologues featuring the most inspiring, strong, creative and loving of creatures and they invited writers from all over the USA to submit works to be selected.

And that, friends, is how we got started.

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Ticket Prices:
$10 presale, $15 at the door

Show Dates and Times:
Wednesday, July 21st - Saturday, July 24th
All shows are at 8pm

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