Director's Note
           Samantha Wellen

I started directing 7 years ago, and it was 6 years ago that I found feminist theatre and fell in love. Since then there has been an unstoppable force within my soul to find feminist pieces and to make them come to life.

So when Larissa and I met so many months ago and this idea came about, there was no questioning that it was the right path to follow.

This production speaks to me on so many levels. I love the pieces based on real people or icons. Lilith is such an under told story. Left out of the Christian Bible and demonized everywhere else. I find this version beautiful. And more people should know about what Amelia Bloomer and Shirley Chisholm have done! And what would Rosie the Riveter do when she was no longer needed in the work-force? 
And the fictional pieces touch on such important parts of what it is to be female that there is no way they could be left out. They show our pain, our strength, our love, and our passion. They show our courage to survive even the worst of situations. And even when we're faced with certain death what we will do for others in spite of our doom.

This show, in so many ways is bold, brilliant and beautiful. It will make you laugh. It will challenge your view of what makes a girl  strong. Of what makes a woman strong. Of what makes a human strong. As it should. It will show you sides of humanity and life that you are not familiar with, and I hope you will go on that journey, as we have, and you will not look back, because you will be a better person for it.